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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 24, 2013 4:00am-5:00am PST

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the spirit awards were held overnight where "silver linings playbook" won. it was a huge night for jennifer lawrence. lot of people were talking about her, does she win best actress award sf. also coming up -- not great news, 11 states in the nation's heartland are getting ready for another blast of snow, hail and intense wind gusts. this storm has already dumped from feet of snow from kansas city to denver and it's picking up steam. ginger zee has the latest on what you need to know. >> tornadoes on the front end as well. later in the broadcast, i love this picture. this is a dog on a treadmill, what is going on here. that looks like an underwater treadmill. this is a canine fat camp. we'll take you inside this
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operation where one dog lost 25 pounds in just three weeks. >> wow, that is very impressive. we're going to begin this morning with the that terrifying crash at daytona international speedway. abc's matt gutman joins us now from the scene. good morning to you, matt. >> reporter: good morning, bianna, nearly 200,000 people were on hand to watch that near-physics-defieing crash. launch into air. disintegrated as it hit that fence. 28 people hurt, including a child. all of them this morning are in stable condition. this morning, fans and drivers, alike, recovering from near-death at nascar. >> stuff was flying everywhere, like you were in a war zone. >> reporter: this massive shotgun of debris, came after this tangle of cars on the last lap. >> and contact! >> reporter: watch these cars
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heading toward the finish line, where kyle larson's number 32 is launched airborne. >> the front of the car was gone. >> reporter: this video shot by a fan, you can see chunks of the car into the stands. this 25-pound car tire plunged ten rows into the packed stands. nearby, he rushed to the aid of his brother eddie. >> i grabbed my belt and tied it around the leg. that seemed to help. >> reporter: rescuers came quickly, but more than two dozen hurt. two of them critically. but dedicated fans said that the accident won't keep them from being at nascar's premiere race, later today. the daytona 500. >> i'm not going to miss the race tomorrow. >> reporter: not even this man, skipping over and ducking the
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onslaught of debris. >> fluids, parts, pieces. >> reporter: crashes are a well-known part of the nascar experience. watch this 25-car pileup in 2012 and in this carl edwards' crash in 2009, eight fans were injured. >> oh, my gosh. >> welcome back to daytona international raceway. >> reporter: but it's jernd that will have millions of fans glued to the television, danica patrick leads the race after the pole position. now, race officials say they have been working there you the night to get the track ready to go today, of course, mend that fence, they could get some extra time. it could rain today. we could see some delays. >> matt gutman, thank you. let's go to allen bestwick who was on the network. allen, thank you for being with us this morning. let me ask you on the air yesterday, you described this
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crash as "shocking but not surprising." those were your words. what did you mean by that? >> well, when you have drivers on the last lap at a race on daytona, charging to the finish for a chance to win, they're going to do whatever it takes to win. when people are racing, doing whatever it takes at nearly 200 miles per hour, we shouldn't be surprised when the unexpected happens. even though the unexpected can happens we're still shocked when it does. drivers assume the risk of competing. fans don't necessarily assume that risk when they come to watch the race. >> let me pick up on that. if i'm watching these pictures and i'm thinking, should i take family members and loved ones to a nascar event, should i be thinking twice? >> no, not at all. grab your sun block and head out to the racetrack and have a good time. i have been doing this for over
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25 years. four times in that 25 races, that that's hundreds of thousands laps of races that i have seen anything like that. it's like going to an airport, getting on airplane, enjoy your flight, strange things happen on rare, rare occasions. >> i suspect that i know how you're going to ask this question, some people have raised the question, perhaps the daytona 500 should not go on today, what is your view of that? >> and that's a very natural reaction to consider out of respect for those who were injured here yesterday. but, the race should go on. just as in every other area of life, we carry on. the drivers have a chance to win the biggest prize in their sport, the daytona 500. they have been preparing this for three months. fans have been planning to come here for a year on vacation.
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before the race, the drivers will be mindful and respectful of those were injured. >> we'll be watching. allen bestwick, from espn, our partner network, who has more than 250 years of trackside experience. thank you very much for joining us this morning. >> it's incredible watching that video. the car parts acting as missiles the newest round of wicked winter weather. ginger zee is tracking it all. we're starting with blizzard warnings already in parts of colorado, texas and kansas. look at this video. it started to snow just north of denver and they could see their biggest snow of the season. six to ten inches. let me show you how this is going to time out the storm drops out of the denver area tonight, goes into the texas panhandle by tomorrow. monday night to tuesday, that same area hit so hard, wichita,
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topeka, that's when you can expect snow. how much snow? up to a foot or even more in places. in the darker areas, that's 8 to 12 inches. then severe weather, tornadoes possible on the front end of that system. much more coming up in the next half-hour about the nation's weather. but for now we'll go back to dan. >> thank you. now to the vatican, where moments ago, pope benedict made history before he retires on thursday. the vatican is fighting back against the swirl of scandal with the pope's spokesman making extraordinary accusations against the media. abc's david wright is in rome. >> reporter: this was the last time that we'll see him in the window for the pope's weekly
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appointment with the faithful. this time, next week, the papal department will be sealed for his successor. the election, at least the campaign, well under way. it's an election like no other, an absolute monarch, elected by princes who are appointed, the men in red, one of whom will end up wearing white. palace intrigue. >> cardinals have to face many forms of pressure. >> reporter: now the vatican said that the media is trying to meddle. >> today there is an attempt to do this through public opinion. >> reporter: salacious charges floating in the italian press, but the pope really resigned because of a huge sex and blackmail scandal about to explode. cardinal timothy dolan said it appears to be a smear campaign.
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>> all of the speculation about the why of the pope's resignation, let us take him at his word. >> our thanks to david wright reporting in from rome. the other headlines developing this morning. good morning, everyone. we begin with chaos at a chicago mall, 20 people were arrested and two suffered minor injuries after a melee broke out after a promotional concert by mindless behavior. a group of 30 young people began throwing money into the air causing havoc. las vegas police have identified the suspect in deadly shooting last week on the strip. harris allegedly opened fire at the maserati on thursday slamming into a taxi. in south africa, the parents of reeva steenkamp are speaking out for the first time today. she was shot to death by her
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boyfriend, par olympian oscar pistorius. >> reporter: the parents of oscar pistorius's slain girlfriend will be seen in their first sit-down interview on south african tv tonight as they begin to open up a little bit more about their feelings, ten days after the shooting death of their daughter, reeva steenkamp. oscar pistorius said that he mistook her for an intruder. steenkamp's father said this weekend in an interview with a local newspaper, if the way he says it happened is true, i'll be able to forgive him one day. if it's not like that, he should suffer. we're also learning today that oscar pistorius isn't the only one in his family facing serious criminal charges. his brother, carl, who sat behind him every day at his bail hearing last week is accused of homicide in a traffic accident.
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he was supposed to appear in court last week but his case was post uponed. ron? >> bazi, can nani thank you for that report from south africa. a warehouse full of fireworks caught fire, sending them shooting into the air, there were however reports that anybody was injured. finally, another milestone for women in sports, they skwaerd in the main event last night. for the first female fight. rousey maintained her title. rousey eats a hook, grabs a clench, carmouche goes down. >> i think that's ginger and i's
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next project. >> thank you, ron. now to a very different type of story. t-minus five days to yet another fiscal cliff. >> president obama warning of dire consequences from air travel to food safety. how bad will it really be? let's go to george stephanopoulos host of george stephanopoulos for more. the president is sounding the alarm. unlike the fiscal cliff at the beginning of the year, you're not seeing much pressure from the economists. are politicians overstating this? >> $85 billion in across the board cuts. the congressional budget aufsz said that it's only going to be about half that. the potential for close to million federal workers out of work. pay cuts for federal workers. unemployment checks going down and big effects on defense as well. we'll have to see how this plays
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out over several weeks. the blame game is in full swing right now. i would be cautious about wall street's response. there's a lot of strength to the economy. most economists do agree, if the sequester kicks in, it will harm economic growth this year. >> we're lurching from crisis to crisis to crisis, any hope of grand bargain, that we sort of spending out? >> not any time soon. the next big deadline is the end of the march when the government runs out of money. they'll have to come one some agreement to continue that as well. some hope that might lead to broader negotiations. right now, both sides are dug in. both republicans and democrats are saying. >> thank you, george. we appreciate that. >> have fun in l.a. covering the oscars.
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>> today on "this week," two powerhouse roundtables. now we turn to george to hollywood stars, the oscars tonight. >> one of the most interstaining things to do is to guess who will win. especially if you help from an insider. that happens to be abc's chris connelly. good morning to you, chris. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. behind me, you see the gorgeous red-carpet staircase. how did they vote? there are so many award shows now. sally field referred to it as growing like a fungus. we'll know how oscar will decide. but we don't. the oscar votes are all in. but instead of pouring over exit
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polls and network projections we're still able to imagine an underdog coming out on top. does "silver lining playbook" have a chance to upset the best picture favorite "argo"? you bet. tonight's big ceremony could feature technical oscars early for "life of pi." >> i'm friends with sally field. pretty great life. >> reporter: having fun with her fellow nominees, jennifer lawrence remains the best actress favorite, yet some imagine the hard to wrapped gift for amour's emmanuelle riva? now, what about naomi? a two-time nominee. >> it feels good. >> reporter: supporting actress
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lincoln's sally field could derail anne hathaway's dream. and while robert deniro may not seem like an underdog, he can wipe that smile off of tommy lee jones. it would be easier to jackhammer abe lincoln off of mount rushmore than daniel day-lewis for taking home the award for best actor. hugh jackman, first-time nominee of "les miserables." . gets it. no actor playing an u.s. president has won an academy award. if daniel day lewis doesn't win the best actor, you'll hear the screams emanate to where you are.
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>> abc's oscars coverage begins tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. and the forecast for the red carpet is positive for the day. let's get more on that from ginger zee. >> slightly windy. let's start in worcester, massachusetts, they have had already three feet this month. they're getting more, three to five inches. some snow in portland, maine. boston, just a little bit. temperatures behind it, aren't too terrible. pittsburgh, 36. 35 for detroit. until 3:00 p.m., los angeles has a wind warning, advisories out around the region. something to note if you plan on watching, some of the hair blowing around and some of the dresses, too. morning, 50s. afternoon high, 71.
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we'll take a look at some of the record heat that happened in florida. coming up in the next half-hour. >> ginger, thank you. many pet owners could probably relate to this next story. there's an obesity epidemic among animals. >> there's actually a fat camp for dogs. it seems to be working. abc's tanya rivero is on the story. >> if you worry your pampered
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dog is becoming a hog, here's a little test, you should be able to feel his backbone and ribs without pressing. but if fido fails, have no fear doggie fat camp is here. forget about the dog pound. this is the place where dogs go to lose the pounds. at the doggie fat camp. you won't just see spot run, you'll see him jump and even walk on the treadmill. anything to get these pooches down to a healthy weight. >> if they're obese, they'll live two years on average less than a dog that's normal weight. so, we want them to be there as long as possible. >> good job! >> reporter: this doctor is one of the doggie fat camp's on-staff veterinarian. among her clienteleclientele, t
4:20 am
magic, a labrador retriever, for landing her cabinet. >> she got into waffle chips. >> reporter: magic's fitness routine includes a low-calorie, high-protein dog food. it's not just about slimming down. these lucky dogs. also get full-on spa treatments. even the most pampered humans might be jealous of. >> water treadmill. therapeutic exercises in a comfortable and safe way. >> reporter: not a dog person. no problem. the folks at doggie fat camp will also get your cat looking and feeling good. or should we say, fee-line good.
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getting your pet to slim down at camp doesn't come cheap, each session costs $20 to $30. >> no more waffle chips for madison. >> thank you. coming up here on the broadcast -- the reemergence of manti te'o as he tries out the nfl, he's now answering questions about his fake girlfriend from reporters. silver linings playbook won big at the indie spirit awards, will it rack up with a stack of awards tonight? this may look a regular taylor swift story. the reveal coming up in "fixation." we're back soon. ♪ you signed up weeks ago
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♪ all right, tonight they belong to oscar. last night, many of the stars gathered at the independent spirit awards. "silver linings playbook." was the big winner. we'll talk to our man chris con nelly who has the big story. >> so hard to handicap the oscars this year. so many great movies. also coming up on "good morning america" -- manti te'o is facing the music once again. as you can imagine, that
4:29 am
nonexistent girlfriend scandal came up, how did he hold up? and will it affect his hopes for an nfl future? also this morning, taylor swift known for writing songs about her exes, now she's teaming up with a new partner. i have been watching this video nonstop and laughing like an idiot. that's coming up in "fixation" a little bit later. back to ron with the other stories. good morning, everyone. in the news, the daytona 500 will begin as schedule later today despite a horrific crash that injured more than two dozen fans. in the final lap of yesterday's race. >> it didn't look good from where i was at, either. >> nascar is scrambling to repair the damaged fence before the start of today's race. and a huge crowd gathered in st. peter's square for the
4:30 am
pope's final blessing. finally, want to feel bad about yourself? check this out. the world's oldest marathoner won his last race. the right guy is 101 years old. he began running at the age of 81. he's completed nine marathons. >> why is his last? >> enough is enough. >> isn't he a little tired? >> he earned it. >>. time now for the weather and over to ginger. >> i want to remind everyone, blizzard does not just snow, it means reduced visibility. from eastern colorado through northern texas, the panhandle of oklahoma. this is all coming together. some of these spots could get
4:31 am
more of your annual average in just five days. amarillo included in this. close to kansas city, i think monday night into tuesday for the heaviest of that. then that southern warmth. wow, orlando and daytona, both making record highs. 84 and 85. daytona, isolated shower possible. it's windy in los angeles for the oscars. tampa will get to 80. that's the big picture. >> this weather report brought to you by spelenda. it has been over a month since college football star manti te'o suffered an acute case of public embarrassment
4:32 am
over that fake girlfriend hoax. >> reporters shooting questions at him about the effects of that scandal. >> reporter: good morning. manti te'o said during the entire ordeal one of the hardest parts was just walking through the grocery store getting stared at by strangers. now, he says that he's not embarrassed anymore, he's moved on and focused on football. the media at the biggest tryout of his life had other ideas. getting his first glimpse what life could be like as a pro. >> this is pretty crazy. >> reporter: manti te'o was mobbed by hundreds of reporters saturday at an nfl draft event. >> i have been -- i have been in front of a few cameras. >> reporter: the former notre dame linebacker in indianapolis to showcase his athleticism in front of potential nfl employers, was instead forced to answer questions about a girlfriend that never existed. >> there was just a whirlwind of
4:33 am
stuff. you let the chaos die down. >> reporter: it was his first time facing the press since his exclusive sit-down interview with katie couric last month. >> i found everything that i believe my reality wasn't actually reality at all. >> reporter: last fall, te'o originally told reporters that his grandmother and his girlfriend died on the same day. >> my grandma just passed away and you take the love of my life -- >> reporter: support soon ballooned in his favor when he took the field. that the bubble burst when it was revealed that his girlfriend was all a hoax. >> reporter: the tough questions from reporters didn't stop there. >> manti, why didn't you play well in the national championship in. >> because i didn't. >> reporter: even getting personal about his current love life? >> are you dating anybody in
4:34 am
real life? >> no, not right now. >> reporter: he does not have a girlfriend in his life right now. as for his future, he said that he'll meet with 20 nfl teams. so far the houston texans and the green bay packers have asked him speckly about the catfish scandal. lot of experts predict that he'll go pretty high. >> john schriffen, thank you for your reporting this morning. coming up -- "silver linings playbook" won big last night, is it going to clean up big tonight on the oscars? also ahead, busted by the nanny cam. that's coming up next in "fixation." how do you define ? the blissful pause just before that rich sweetness touches your lips. the delightful discovery, the mid-sweetening realization that you have the house all to yourself.
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we're counting down to oscars right now with robin roberts and lara spencer starting off the night in style for tonight's oscar coverage. >> can't wait to see what they're going to be wearing. last night, the independent spirit awards. abc's chris connelly was there. >> reporter: we're here at the
4:39 am
dolby theater here in hollywood. but 15 miles away, they gave out the indie spirit awards. now if ginger zee doesn't mind we mentioning it, the weather was sunny and breezy. that's right, sunny and breezy. our unlike any other indie spirit awards ever made. maybe that's why the attendees weren't prepared. the beachside independent spirit awards shown like the award for bradley cooper. have you enjoyed it as much -- >> tremendously. >> reporter: bradley's co-star jennifer lawrence, deared to bear on the red carpet. are you warm enough. >> no. i'm freezing. >> reporter: but she soon filled the warmth of her colleagues.
4:40 am
>> jennifer lawrence. >> reporter: winning for best actress. >> a belief and a story that you love enough to do almost anything for. >> reporter: silver linings playbook was the big winner. before paying tribute to his son matthew who struggled with mood disorder and acts in this film. >> you taught so ch much about so many things. >> reporter: the session's john hawk won for lead actor and his co-star helen hunt for supporting actress. adam sandler killed it with montages like this one. >> i forgot to take the trash out of this. always be prepared. go with channing tatum. okay, he's better.
4:41 am
>> reporter: another nominee, matthew mcconaughey won best supporting actor for magic mike. my first oscar prediction we won't hear a speech like that tonight. >> probably a good prediction to make, chris. have fun tonight. abc's oscar coverage begins at 7:00 eastern. and robin and lara are starting the fun. monday morning, "good morning america's" oscar party. coming unhere on this sunday morning -- an internet creation has taylor swift singing a duet that she probably would haven't picked on her own, we'll show you what it is. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one.
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♪ you're an obsession, you're my obsession ♪ ginger is hype ventilating because i get to hold the remote control. time for "fixation." >> i can so relate to this next story. 2-year-old little boy who just does not go to sleep at night and doesn't want to go to nap. i was doing this yesterday. >> you were in the crib? >> no i was doing this with jake yesterday. first, he keeps going and going. all right, my video, i don't know a lot about this, it's from, we believe it's from indonesia, and it's a monkey doing exercises.
4:47 am
situps. >> wow. good for him. >> outtakes from the doggie fat camp. >> it's a little weird. >> a new reality show. the girl that will do just about anything when it comes to adventure, but i won't do this. i really don't want to. watch this. he's up there, he goes to 8 gs. he said that i want to go to 8 gs. there it is. >> then he's acting for more. please, please. and -- >> all right. one last one to show. i'm a taylor swift fan. take a look. ♪ >> wait for it. wait for it.
4:48 am
stand by. it's coming. here it is. ♪ [ laughter ] >> i could watch this for the next 24 hours and be in a good mood. >> you're fix saited on that one. >> laughing like an idiot. we'll be right back with oscar predictions. keep it here. this is great. for years. centrum silver.n both of us actually. our pharmacist recommended it. and that makes me feel pretty good about it. and then i heard about a study looking at multivitamins and the long term health benefits. and what do you know? they used centrum silver in the study. makes me feel even better, that's what i take. sorry, we take. [ male announcer ] centrum. the most recommended. most preferred. most studied. centrum, always your most complete.
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okay. final moments. oscar prediction lightning round. chris connelly. give us your three biggest picks tonight. >> i think argo wins best picture. i think it swept all of the guilds. it's a movie in which hollywood saves the day. i think it's the winner.
4:53 am
for best actor, daniel day-lewis for "lincoln." how often does an actor win for a role that he graciously officially turned down in a beautiful letter to steven spielberg that became published during this awards season? and jennifer lawrence, i think, will win for best actress. she gives such energy and life to that movie "silver linings playbook." i think people will be thrilled to give her the oscar. she's only 22. given those predictions i have been wrong more times than a country singer in one of those songs. we have given you a couple of chocolates from wolfgang puck, these will appear at the governors ball. a taste of the sweetness that oscar night will surely present. >> they sort of glued the oscars to the bowl, it's unclear they're edible at this point. we hope you're right about your
4:54 am
predictions and if you're wrong, you don't turn into a geyser of emotions. >> i think those are good predictions. all right, thanks, chris. lara and robin kicks off abc's oscar coverage at 7:00 p.m. eastern/4:00 p.m. pacific. on monday, "good morning america's" oscar party. all of the interviews with the winners and the best moments on stage and off. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals.
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>> good morning, everyone. each indicate marzullo law. caroline tyler is off this morning. let's start with a first quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. from our roof camara it's clear and you may notice it's actually pretty mild out there. the northerly winds of strong, gusting to 22 miles an hour and it's bringing much dryer air into the bay area and we are going to warm up today. the forecast, starting out with the upper 30s to the 50s. it should be a nice day out there with mostly sunny
4:59 am
conditions. the winds will back off a little bit and with that we will see more temperatures in the 60s today. in fact some areas of the north bay could see highs in the upper 60s. we are going to talk about the last week of february. march comes in by the end of the week. we will let you know if it's coming in like a lamb or a lion a little later. katie. >> thanks very much. the big night in hollywood is just hours away. there is a new host and a salute to james bond. >> they are sprucing up the newly-named hall of the oscars. what was the kodak is now the dolby theater. momentum is building for argo to win best picture tonight.


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